Advanced Word Processing
  Word processing is the process that involves writing,
formatting, printing and saving of a text by means of computer
and specialized software applications, such as: Microsoft Word
and WordPerfect.  It typically refers to a text manipulation
function such as automatic generation of mail merging. Other
word processing functions include "spell checking", "grammar
checking" and a "thesaurus" function. In addition to this, other
common features include collaborative editing, comments and
annotations, support for images and diagrams and internal
  Other word processing functions include file management,
web based word processing, mail merge, export to PDF,
document conversion, opening and saving documents, typing,
copying, pasting, inserting and deleting text, cutting, defining
various page sizes and margins, searching, replacing and many
more to talk about.
  There are many well-known companies who encompass
strategic service providers to provide great assistance to
journalists, reporters, authors, educators, health care
professionals, writers, graduate students, self employed,
entrepreneurs and financiers, lawyers and other business
entities. The word processing projects which are commonly
outsourced to the outsource providers includes: preparation of
theses word processing reports, dissertation, manuscripts,
statistical charts, appendices, bibliographies for students and
for authors, to name a few.
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