A highly experienced professional with a strong
background in litigation, business, international finance,
office management and educational training in computer
technology. Recognized for ability to resolve problems in a
timely manner, leading to increased efficiency and revenue.
Has developed various databases to streamline operations
and files, leading to collection of unpaid accounts and
facilitating easy access to documentation within files. Known
for attentiveness to details. Possesses superior
communication skills, both written and verbal. She is a
self-starter that takes pride in the work and easily adapts to
challenges and has an innate characteristic to provide
superior serve.
 In spite of the achievements made during her 30+ years in
diverse industries, she seeks to accomplish much more and in
seeking higher goals, has embarked on the establishment of
this state-of-the-art enterprise.
 She has the drive to share her vast knowledge in document
management protocols and the initiative to have come up
with this business enterprise idea that will achieve the
mission goals of this company.  She is determined to give
young people the opportunity to learn to earn . . .
  Her experience stems from eight (8) years at the World
Bank Group, working as a Staff Assistant in the
Investment Departments for Europe, Africa and the
Middle East.  This was an invaluable experience in learning
to deal with individuals at all levels of government in the
United States and abroad.
  Over the years, she has developed her skill set in a number
of law firms that range from the sole practitioner to major
firms performing the tasks of senior litigation paralegal,
advanced lead word processing specialist, legal secretary,
trainer in Microsoft Office Suite applications.