TDH paralegals perform various tasks and provide technical legal support
functions for a law firm. Work is of a confidential, responsible and technical nature
which relieves the attorney(s) of normal administrative duties required in the
handling and filing of suits or in the duties of general counsel.
  The tasks involved require frequent contact with attorneys, judges, court
personnel, claimants, insureds, and doctors, as well as, all levels of company
personnel.  Other responsibilities encompass the proper filing of legal documents
as mandated by the court of venue, scheduling of hearings, depositions,
coordinate travel arrangements, requiring a sense of discretion, with a sense of
responsibility, and punctuality. All of our paralegals possess these basic
  Our paralegals project a favorable image in representing its client base.  They
perform advanced and diversified administrative duties for attorneys, including
transcription of dictation, typing pleadings, briefs, correspondence, and
agreements/contracts, as well as proofreading documents.  They compose and
prepare various legal documents, reports and investigative memoranda, as well as,
follow-up letters, cover letters, and depositions, answering questions on files from
insureds, claimants, adjusters and other counsel.  They draft standard pleadings
and summarize depositions and medical records, and perform legal research as
necessary.  They are knowledgeable and apply the fundamental concepts,
practices and procedures reflective of the fully competent legal practitioner.
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